Mind-Body-Spirit Psychotherapy

I am a Licensed Individual, Marriage, and Family Therapist with a private practice in Santa Cruz, California. I combine Psychotherapy, Bodywork, and Spirit to help people feel better, solve problems, and lead fulfilled lives. In my thirty years of private practice I have discovered that conventional “talk therapy” can be useful, but that deeper, more transformational work is accomplished when the Body and Spirit are also engaged.

Many years of experience as a psychotherapist have taught me that each individual has the wisdom within to meet life’s challenges so I use techniques which evoke and support that wisdom.
I have been inspired by Carl Jung, Carl Rogers, Arnold Mindell, and Aminah Raheem, among others.
I use a variety of bodywork techniques to strengthen the body’s own healing abilities and to produce a profound, relaxed state. Clients can use this state for stress and pain reduction. They can also explore the emotional and psychological stressors which may underlie physical symptoms. My clients find that they can use this deep awareness of their bodies to tap into a source of wisdom that they didn’t even know was there! Some of the body-oriented techniques I use are Process Acupressure, Movement Therapy, and Focusing.

To complete the Holistic approach, I invite Spirit into our sessions in a multitude of ways depending on what is meaningful for any individual client. Meditation, guided visualization, prayer, affirmations, and dreamwork are a few of the ways that Spirit can enter and illumine a session. From Spirit we gain inspiration, information, and support for change.

A typical session lasts for approximately one hour and fifteen minutes. Clients dress in loose-fitting, comfortable clothing and leave feeling relaxed and refreshed.

Since I am a Licensed Individual, Marriage, and Family Therapist, many insurance companies will cover our work together as part of their mental health services package. For those not insured, I have a sliding fee scale.

I have been on the vanguard of complementary or alternative medicine for the past 40 years. Come and experience what a difference a caring, innovative, and skilled counselor can make in your life. For more information or to schedule an appointment, call (831) 588-3013.